Migrant Farm Worker Housing in the Muck Lands of Ohio

Hello. This is one of Unearthed Ohio’s infrequent “themed” posts. It combines images that feature migrant farm labor housing in the “muck lands” area near Willard and Celeryville, Ohio. Photos from two trips are combined here, and much of the text is taken from those entries. People who are curious about migrant farm labor in Ohio might find these photos interesting.

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The Death of Mud House Mansion

This is not a photography post.  Rather, I write to inform readers that an oft-photographed building that appears in this blog, the so-called Mud House Mansion, was abruptly demolished today by its owners, who had neglected for decades what was a wonderful and historic example of 1870s architecture. Continue reading


I discovered many years ago that driving on Interstates and other freeways and major roads is not very fun.  It will get you there the fastest, sure, but you spend your time watching other cars because you want to pass them or because you are being passed.  All too often, at least in the eastern United States, the “scenery” is nothing but rows of trees at the edge of the highway (often deliberately planted to obscure the view).

As a result, I learned to take the less traveled roads, when time allowed, and this introduced me to a lot of America I had never seen before.  I liked it.  I liked turning the corner and finding some tiny town that most people had never even heard of.  I liked cresting a hill and looking down at a great view.  I liked passing old, decrepit farmhouses and wondering what they were like when they were young.  Eventually, I sometimes found myself driving around in the countryside not in order to get somewhere but simply to see what there was to see. Continue reading