Excursion 62 (Something Old, Something New, But Mostly Old)

It may be a good thing that I am documenting my travels across Ohio with photographs, because my own autobiographical memory is rather poor.  Autobiographical memory is your memories of experiences in your own life, rather than, say, remembering facts or dates or song lyrics or other things.  In many respects, I have a very good memory, but the memories that I have of most of my own life are very partial, impressionistic and hazy.  High school, for example, is largely a blur, with a few scattered memories here and there. College is much the same.  I am positive that, were I not recording so many of the things I see when I drive across Ohio, they would soon be lost to me, just as many of the things I photograph will eventually be lost to everybody.  Indeed, a number of things I have taken photographs of, from Mud House Mansion near Lancaster to the abandoned greenhouse east of Sandusky, are already gone. Who knows how transient the subjects of these photographs will be?

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