Favorite Photos: 2015

I am only an amateur photographer who has much to learn, but occasionally I will take a photograph that seems to have some degree of aesthetic merit or the subject of which is on its own merits able to transcend any of the limitations of the photographer. I have collected here 90+ photographs taken during calendar year 2015 that were among my favorites taken that year; I hope you enjoy them.

If you want to understand the context of a particular photo, the filename can help.  A photo with the filename of Exc48pt2-4, for example, illustrates that it appeared in the blog entry for Excursion 48, part 2.  If you go to that blog entry, you may find more information about the photograph.  Remember, too, that most photographs contain GPS coordinates in their EXIF info (unless by GPS was malfunctioning or out of juice), so you can also find the location of most photos on a map.

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