About Unearthed Ohio

selfieHi, my name is Mark Pitcavage.  I like to drive through the back roads and side streets of Ohio, the state where I live.  Every now and then, I take “excursions,” either by myself or with a friend, out into the country or to a city or town in Ohio.  I started this blog simply to share some of the sights I’ve encountered with the rest of the world.  The earliest post in my blog goes into more detail on this.

Please understand that I am not a photographer, not even an “amateur” photographer.  I am just a guy who takes pictures.  I don’t pretend to have any skills or abilities in this area.  Constructive comments and tips are always welcome. The photos I took early on are often a bit embarrassing to me, but I think I have improved somewhat over the years.

Readers should understand, too, that I just take pictures of things that strike my fancy.  This means that certain themes – especially those of decay, age or even ruin – tend to dominate.  I don’t necessarily expect anybody to share any of my interests, but if a picture I have taken interests you as well, let’s consider that a happy coincidence and rejoice together.

Blogs posts appear in reverse chronological order, which can sometimes make intelligently displaying in multiple posts an account of a chronological journey a bit of a puzzle.  Therefore, I have organized my trips into various numbered “excursions,” and numbered them in order.  Therefore, regardless of how the posts appear on the blog, you can still read Excursion 1, Part 1, then Excursion 1, Part 2, and then Excursion 1, Part 3, and so forth, and thus trace the photographs in the order that I took them.  Of course, since the blog is photo-oriented, you can open any post and look at any picture in any order, just to see if any interest you.

In my day job, I am an expert on domestic extremism and terrorism and work for a well-known civil rights organization.  My other hobby is historical board wargaming and you can find my website about my favorite game at Desperation Morale.

Copyright information:  All of the text and images on this blog are the intellectual property of Mark Pitcavage.  Attributed, non-commercial (ONLY) usage is permitted under the Creative Commons License.  Most of the images that appear on this blog are cropped or otherwise modified to better suit display on computer screens.  Contact Mark Pitcavage if you are interested in obtaining a full image.