Favorite Photos: 2013

Although I remain a very novice and amateur photographer, when I first started this blog, I was greener still.  Not everybody has the patience to wade through a learner’s photographs–and not everybody wants to wade through the text on the blog to get to photographs, either.  Moreover, because of the nature and hazards of roadside photography, it is inevitable that not every photograph will be “ready for prime time.”  Then, too, some photographs on this blog appear to document certain things witnessed rather than necessarily having artistic merit of their own.

What this page does, then, is collects my 100 favorite photographs from 2013 and puts them all here in one place.  Some I just like, some have a pretension to some degree of artistic or aesthetic merit.  If you just want to see what I consider the best of the blog, without shuffling through the rest, you can simply look at the photos here.  They come from 2013, the first year of the blog.  Other, similar pages will cover subsequent years.

Please remember to respect that the text and images on this blog are the intellectual property of Mark Pitcavage.  Attributed, non-commercial (ONLY) usage is permitted under the Creative Commons License.  For other usage, please contact me.

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