The Death of Mud House Mansion

This is not a photography post.  Rather, I write to inform readers that an oft-photographed building that appears in this blog, the so-called Mud House Mansion, was abruptly demolished today by its owners, who had neglected for decades what was a wonderful and historic example of 1870s architecture. Continue reading

Excursion 41, Part 2 (The Cashier)

Even when I was a child, I always wanted to “go down in history” in some fashion—hoping that some part of me would live on, even if only as part of people’s memories.  Today, many years later and pretty much in the throes of a mid-life crisis of sorts, it seems obvious to me that my chances of being remembered will be slim.   But it is interesting how people are memorialized and how they are chosen to be remembered.  We’ll see an example of what I mean, bye and bye.  The photos here are from the second half of an excursion that my friend Tsuki and I took on a bleak day in late November 2014. Continue reading