The Death of Mud House Mansion

This is not a photography post.  Rather, I write to inform readers that an oft-photographed building that appears in this blog, the so-called Mud House Mansion, was abruptly demolished today by its owners, who had neglected for decades what was a wonderful and historic example of 1870s architecture.

The story of the demolition can be read here.

Three Unearthed Ohio posts contain photographs of Mud House Mansion; see links below.  My goal this winter was to take some photographs of the mansion draped in snow.  Now I will no longer be able to–nor will kids and teenagers be able to trade ghost stories about that house.  It is no longer with us.

In an alternative, better world, this building would have been preserved and restored for all in the Lancaster vicinity to enjoy.

Here are the Unearthed Ohio visits to Mud House Mansion:


5 thoughts on “The Death of Mud House Mansion

  1. It is a shame. Its memory is at least captured by you and others like you. That is the beauty of photography. I was sadden to learn that an abandoned structure my wife and I photography was demolished as well ( along the MN North Shore. We wanted to get back to the location and photograph more completely as its demolition was inevitable. I am glad we did managed to photograph it once before its demise.

  2. I have a dear friend who comes from Geneva-on-the-Lake, and I also have relatives in Ohio. That’s sort of how I came to be looking for Ohio images on Google, and the next thing I knew, I’d discovered your excellent blog. I’m a photographer by trade, though more or less retired now, and I am thoroughly impressed by your imagery. Aside from your Favourites of 2013 and 2014 (and I swear I could see you getting better by 2014), I’ve only seen just a small part of your work. But I’ve seen enough to know you’re talented – you really are. You’ve got a photographer’s vision. And thanks so much for making your photos available for saving; I really appreciate that. I understand being modest and downplaying your artistry, but your work is consistently trumpeting your creative gift. Very nice to have made your acquaintance!

    • Bruce, thank you so much for your very kind words; what an unexpected and wonderful holiday gift! That’s the nicest compliment I’ve gotten and it means a lot coming from a photographer. You made my day!

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