Ohio’s Vintage Automobiles

As early as the age of four, I was fascinated by antique automobiles and had already begun to collect die-cast toys of such vehicles. As soon as I could read I added books on vintage vehicles to my collection. That fascination has never left me and I feel a thrill whenever I see an old vehicle.  I would certainly be the owner of a classic car–or even the restorer of one–if I had any mechanical aptitude. Alas, I do not, so I must admire them from afar.  And admire them I do.

One of the little rewards of the excursions I take across Ohio is that I get to see glimpses of such ancient cars and trucks, from restored vehicles in perfect condition to rusting wrecks wasting away in a distant field. I often try to document such findings with my camera when I come across them.

I have here created a gallery of some of those images of old vehicles from across Ohio. The photos here were taken from April 2013 through the end of 2016.  The earlier photos are often of a poorer quality than some of the later ones, due to reasons ranging from inexperience to lack of postprocessing tools.  I should note, though, that my photography is roadside photography, which may greatly limit the angles or visibility of the subjects that I photograph, and those limitations are sometimes reflected here, alas.  A few of these photos, though, I am reasonably proud of.

Almost every photograph file name provides the information necessary to find the photograph in the blog entry where it originally appeared; for example, a photo file named Exc43pt2-1 can likely be found, with description and information (such as location), in the blog entry for Excursion 43, Part 2. There may be occasional exceptions, but this is usually the best way to discover the context of the photo. Each numbered excursion is a different category in the Categories menu on the right-hand column. In my commentary I often try to identify the make, model and year of the old vehicles I see, with varying degrees of success.

Many of the photographs also contain EXIF information that includes GPS coordinates.

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