Ohio’s Old Barns

Barns are beautiful, baby. Ohio seems to have an infinite number of different barn designs, small and large, of every conceivable shape and color, and each of them carefully aged (or ravaged) by time.  I have collected here photographs of a number of the barns that I have seen in different places in Ohio.

Almost every photograph file name provides the information necessary to find the photograph in the blog entry where it originally appeared; for example, a photo file named Exc43pt2-1 can likely be found, with description and information (such as location), in the blog entry for Excursion 43, Part 2. There may be occasional exceptions, but this is usually the best way to discover the context of the photo. Each numbered excursion is a different category in the Categories menu on the right-hand column.

Many of the photographs also contain EXIF information that includes GPS coordinates. The photographs in this gallery were taken between June 2013 and November 2016. Hopefully the photos generally show an improvement in quality over time.

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