Excursion 51 (A Caledonian Amuse-bouche)

One of my hobbies is roadside photography.  Another, much older hobby of mine is strategy board wargaming (complex strategy boardgames simulating historical conflicts throughout time).  Every October I go to a gaming convention in Cleveland to indulge my inner—and, let’s face it, outer—geek.  Since I began my foray into roadside photography in Ohio, I have tended to use the trips there and back between Columbus and Cleveland as opportunities to explore more hidden highways and byways of Ohio, taking long meandering routes instead of the speedy Interstate.

I did this in October 2015, heading northwards out of Columbus before eventually cutting east to get to Cleveland.  Along the way, I took some photographs, but not too many, and I present this modest collection of 11 photographs as tokens of my journey.

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